How to Train a Labrador

Welcome to The Labrador Trainer. This page is dedicated to this wonderful breed of dog, with the intention of helping owners with any Labrador training problems they might be having.

How to Train a Labrador

One of the most popular breeds of dog in the United States is the Labrador Retriever. However, many people believe they won’t have too many problems with such a sociable dog, and so they don’t learn how to train a Labrador properly. What they don’t realise is that a Labrador, while gorgeous and friendly, can still have a stubborn streak when it comes to following commands. Proper training can be time intensive and should start as young as possible.

Where to Begin?

Taking control of the household yourself is the first thing to do when training a Labrador. Even though your dog is naturally friendly and kind it is more than capable of taking the alpha role if you aren’t going to claim it for yourself.

So, it is essential that you make clear boundaries and take charge of the “pack”. Here are some basic tips to maintaining alpha leadership over your Labrador.

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When To Eat- Have your Labrador feed at routine intervals. Don’t allow the dog decide when it wants to feed.

Getting Out and About & Walking - Have your Labrador walk with you two or more times per day, but be sure that you control the walk. If the dog pulls or tries to chose the direction, don’t let it. When learning how to train a Labrador, lead control is essential. Labradors are energetic and athletic dogs so you may find that plain old walking isn’t enough to keep them happy, and you may need to take them to a park or go for a run.

Jumping and Furniture – Being a sociable dog, it is easy to let a Labrador get up any time it wants. But being master of your space is essential for deciding boundaries. Ignore any whining or barking and be clear about what furniture your dog is allowed on.

Coming and Going – Don’t pay any attention to your dog when you come and go from the home. Instead, only give your Labrador attention if it is in a relaxed and calm state.

To discover how to train a Labrador properly, you must take on the alpha leader role, otherwise the dog will feel in charge.

Optimizing Mental Stimulation

A Labrador has high energy levels and stamina which make it feel like it is going to run around all day. And that energy won’t disappear on its own, so you have to allow for lots of activity during the course of the day. You might find it easier to spread the load across your whole family rather than taking it upon yourself to wear the poor dog out. They love the water, they love playing and they love exploring, so it should be easy for you all to find activities do keep both you and your dog entertained.

Using simple commands like quiet and speak, fetch, sit and stay are best for training a Labrador.

When it comes to learning how to train a Labrador, minimising the opportunities for it to contest you and making sure you use up its excess energy and boredom will neutralise a lot of its enthusiasm.

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